Transportation – A Family Tradition

Northeast Transport, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Jeff & Jill Payson; Jeff with a background in seafood processing and transportation; Jill with accounting and management skills in both the private and public sector. The family’s roots in transportation, however, run much deeper than that. In the late 1800’s, Jeff’s maternal great grandfather, along with his three sons,  sailed the coastal schooner, “Bloomer” up the coast of Maine to Boston, hauling logs, lime, and ice, then returning to Maine with general provisions and coal. Jeff’s grandfather Austin “Captain Pete” Harper embodied the independent “Can Do” attitude that makes a “Down Easter” legendary.

Starting in the late 1940’s, Jeff’s father, Grevis, founded G. F. Payson Contract Trucking; his rigs ran from Maine to Massachusetts and New York hauling eggs, blueberries, and Christmas trees and returning with grain and general commodities.  The family tradition continues with daughter Amy, directing both accounting and safety since 1994.

Today’s Northeast Transport is an asset-based truckload carrier, operating refrigerated trailers and dry vans in 48 states and the Canadian Maritime provinces. Jeff & Jill have worked tirelessly to build a high quality transportation service with an excellent safety rating and reputation; the result is Mid-Coast Maine’s largest for-hire carrier, specializing in high value commodities. Their commitment to worker’s benefits and fair compensation, and their desire for workplace diversity and equality, has created a highly productive environment, yielding satisfaction for staff and clients alike.